Past Political Involvement

Recently, corporately controlled media have sought to frame my campaign in a negative light based exclusively on cherry-picked past involvements. As many Montanans agree, no one’s beliefs about the world, nor do any persons fit neatly into any prescribed box or label. Montanans have a long history of voting for issues and people before parties. Ideological and partisan rigidity is one of the many reasons we have such a dysfunctional system of government in modern times.

I have worked extensively and supported efforts to stop imperialistic foreign policy and marijuana prohibition through the Libertarian party. I have supported efforts to allow more choice and less corporate influence in healthcare through the Republican party. I have donated to and voted for Democrats to support less militarization, corporate influence and the expansion of representation of LGBT persons, women and people of color in state and national government. I have worked extensively with LGBT organizations including leading QSA MSU for several years, the LGBTIQQAA+ organization at Montana State, and have served as a fundraiser and Board member for organizations like QSA, AIDS Outreach, the Western Montana Gay and Lesbian Community Center and the Imperial Sovereign Court of the State of Montana. If the corporately controlled, partisan-aligned media wish to put a label on me, it speaks volumes more to their agenda and out-of-touch outlook on Montanans than anything about myself or my character or beliefs.

I hope that Green party primary voters and party members will reserve judgment until getting to know their candidates. As I talk to more and more Green party members it becomes clear that the same machine seeking to discredit our grassroots movement would rather people of all political stripes merely get in line and do as they’re told. We will not. We will continue to fight for the values of the Green party and exercise our duty to be involved citizens of local, state and national government. I humbly ask for your vote and look forward to an engaged primary process.